Monday, January 31, 2011

Putting God first

(Friday, Jan 28, 2011)

Firstly, I missed yesterday... was a bit tied down in the office for a presentation so didnt have time to write. My bad... my toe is getting better. I am starting to walk back up and down the steps. So that is good...

Anyway, as I have mentioned, I am doing the Divine Diet which requires me to memorize bible passages to. So the first one which I have done is Matt 6 : 33 --> Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added unto you.  It basically sums up the importance of always putting God first, which includes before our weight loss efforts. One of the readings also said that we shouldnt be a slave to the weighing scale which totally challenged my objective of having a weight loss tracker at the bottom of the page! I get the point in which the passage was trying to get at - we obsess with the amount of weight we are trying to get rid of and not the fact that we should be practicing positive and healthier habits which in turn will help to get rid of the weight. So, right now, I am still tossing if I should keep the tracker...

Anyway I need to catch up on my food journal:

Breakfast : cereal + milk + banana
Snack : watermelon juice
Lunch : Miso soup
Snack : Fruits + pineapple juice
Dinner : Miso soup + small bit of chicken
Snack : fruits

Breakfast : Coffee + banana
Snack : pineapple + orange juice
Lunch : Salad
Snack : Salad (didnt finish it earlier)
Dinner : Chicken + vege (think I ate too much..)

Thursday & Friday
Up-down the 5 flights  -twice.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading your entery concerning God. It is true, keeping the Lord first is #1. During the last year, when I would wake up and just think " it worth it and do I really care?" (About losing weight) I would ask the Lord to make me care. He always did.