Sunday, January 23, 2011

Real Dum Dum!

So I did something dum dum on Friday when I left the office - I forgot my First Place devotion book, so needless to say I havent read my devotion for Sat and Sun! It is a bulky book lah... but then my handbag isnt small either... I can anything in there! Maybe a tank too... (instead of just the regular kitchen sink).

And... I also didnt blog yesterday... was kinda tied up with some work and also recovering from the night out.

As mentioned, I went dancing, and seriously, i have not danced like that in a long time! Although 10 years ago, I used to dance a lot more! But it was good exercise... but I did feel a bit conscious amongst all them twiggies dressed to the nines who were there to get noticed... skirts as tight and high as the moon, boobs almost spilling out from the boobs (you can tell some were def using some seriously massive push up bras!), make-up and hair only suited for the run-way! And I havent even mentioned their uberhigh heels!

And as usual, there I was (sometimes never change, even after 10 years!), a decent top, barely any make-up, some accessories to make up for the lack of flair in my clothes and make-up and FLATS! I do not dance in heels... heck I sometimes can barely even walk in mine... ok... that is a lie... I can walk, but I do not dance in them.

So, that is the work-out... BUT after a night of dancing (and drinking), you get a bit peckish... so we indulged in some terribly not healthy food - hokkein mee (stir fried noodles) at 4am! Went home and went straight to bed... *hangs head in shame!* Needless to say, I didnt wake up to walk... in fact I could feel all the weight I lost crawling back into my butt and thighs!

So... food journal 
Breakfast : Cereals + banana + milk
Snack : Coffee
Lunch : 2 vege & 1 piece of chicken
Snack : Banana
Dinner : Chicken sandwich

Breakfast : Milk
Lunch : small portion of noodles with lean pork
Snack : Weight watcher's cookies with diet rootbeer
Dinner : wasnt really hungry, so had some digestive biscuits with cheese with a pot of chinese herbal tea that is meant to help with the bloated feeling I have been having for a while now.. (not sureif it really worked tho, still feeling gassy!)

Exercise journal
Friday - Dancing
Saturday - walked up my apartment with a bag of groceries... I gave up halfway and took the lift... (ppl, it was 8 flights lah..., BUT I vow to be able to go up all the way by February!)

PS... I am starting a new lable - Hall of Shame... why? To document my excuses so I can see what my pitfall is!

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