Monday, January 31, 2011

Flushing the gut

(Tuesday, Jan 25, 2011)

Every once in a while, I believe it is good to give them pipes a good clean... So, this week, I am starting my detox again. I do this periodically for 1-2 days sometimes, but if you want to see good proper results, it is best to do it between 5-7 days. It was after my first round of detox a few years back when I realised I COULD master my eating habits! It was only a question of IF i wanted to.

When I did my first detox, it was very strict. I followed the diet, ate the supplements, did the juicing and I saw positive ressults.

So, yesterday was my first day... I will go into my menu in a bit, but call it Divine Intervention again, cos last night as I was uploading the previous post, David Chatwin from BTL encouraged me and shared his blog with me. I read about his "cleanse system" which is another name for detox. So again, I felt this warmth feeling that I am where I am suppose to be and God in his quiet awesome manner was encouraging me along the way.

So basically, the rules are:
1. No sugar & salt
2. No carbs
3. LOADS of water
4. LOADS of fruits & vege
5. No meat

So, this was what I ate:
Breakfast : Cereals + milk + banana (the only carbs I allow myself)
Snack : orange & apple juice
Lunch : Vege soup
Snack : papaya
Dinner : Vege soup
Snack : fruit juice

Up and down 5 flights twice...

1 day down... 4 more to go!

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