Monday, January 24, 2011

A heavy burden

I havent actually told anyone about this blog or my efforts. Heck, even my own bf doesnt even know! I am not really sure why I havent told him, cos I tend him (almost) everything.

BUT... about 2 hours ago, I fessed to a friend of mine - not really an old friend, but just someone I felt I really wanted to share it with...

But seriously... I dont know why I am keeping this such a big secret... I have been reading about a lot of people on Blog to Lose and many of them write about their families and friends being really supportive so not sure why I am not sharing this with them. I guess another question to sleep on while I also ponder on the earlier 2 questions as well...

So, my food journal for yesterday...
Breakfast : Fruits + coffee
Snack : Peanuts - a kid in church offered me a few
Lunch : Salmon steak + Miso soup + vege.
Dessert : A few small spoons of choco pudding + a small piece of pancake (WHAT!? Weekends are off days lah)
Snack : Had some cookies - sampling chinese new year cookies before purchasing it... hehehe..
Dinner : Wasnt really hungry so had some crackers with salsa sauce + lite sour cream

Exercise... er... nothing *hangs head in shame*

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