Friday, January 21, 2011

Engine not cranking up as fast...

After blogging yesterday I decided I needed to move my ass. So I started cleaning the house... moved all my house plants which were obviously dying inside to outside my apartment and "relatively" sorted out my room and then swept and mopped the house. Didnt sweat as I normally do, but it was a chilly day anyway...

But today, I realised that while I am slowly doing this, I also need to reprogramme my brain to accept the fact that it is going to be subjected to a lot of physical activity. So today I walked up and down the stairs when I went to get my lunch. Going up wasnt as bad as I thought... so tech I shouldnt have a problem doing that. Also.. because of where my apartment is and my car park I should do that when I get home too! Some form of exercise lah.. I am also planning to take a walk tomorrow... Hopefully i can kick myself out of bed in the morning! The spirit is willing, but the body is so not conforming! Am also going dancing tonight! So I intend to wear my most comfortable shoes and DANCE! I havent danced is a LONG time! 

Ok... yesterday's food journal :
Breakfast / brunch : Yogurt drink + 2 slices of bread
Lunch : mix vege + burger meat + beans (no bread)
Snack : Papaya
Dinner : Tosai + mutton curry (yes I know... clogging the heart!) been a while since I came to this shop lah... plus I am detoxing next week... give me a bit of love lah... 

Exercise journal:

Yes... I am starting to journal exercises too.. after all, a proper weight loss plan should involve physical activity also right!? 

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  1. just got home after worked. Walked down the steps to the car park, and walked half way up to my apartment... hey I live on the 8th floor lah... so something better than nothing right?