Monday, January 31, 2011

Sore toe

(Wednesday, Jan 26, 2011)

My toe has been hurting for a bit, but I have high tolerance for pain (relatively speaking) so I have been ignoring it till i could no longer. Turns out I have a toe infection so I need to lay off covered shoes till it heals.. and to make it worse, a groups of friend just confirmed plans to go to the park on Sat to exercise! But even so, I can still move up and down the stairs... just have to try not to place too much pressure on the the toes.. so today I am taking a break from the stairs till the numbing pain subsides...

Today is day 3 and I am already getting used to it... but because I am on antibiotics, I was encouraged  instructed to eat something a bit more solid. So that totally mucked my detox and my exercise. So am not in a happy bunny mode, will keep this short.

Breakfast :  milk + banana
Lunch : veges & skinless chicken
Snack : pineapple juice & papaya
Dinner : baked potato
Snack : guava + watermelon

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