Thursday, August 11, 2011

So I am back...

So after many moons, I am back. I didnt exactly fall off the wagon, but work got crazy and I started a new exercise regime that limited my time. Well, actually, once I nailed my routine, I did have time to blog... but lost the interest to do so. I blame my work - an occupational hazard I guess.

Anyway, I started a new bootcamp exercise thingy - first I did it for fun - they were having a promotion - 30 bucks for 12 sessions (which was like a 90% discount). So I thought hey, 12 sessions, 12 weeks, I can do this. It wasnt till later I saw the fine print! 3 sessions per week! And they had 3 different slots I could choose, 5.45am, 6.45am or 6.30pm. Now... exercising in the evening does not work for me. I get lazy and tired. And looking at my working hours, 5.45am was the only thing that worked. So I did this faithfully for 2 months (also as part of my lent). Didnt really loose weight, BUT my fitness level improved. So that was motivating.

Then I was travelling and sick for about 2 months... and now I am back on it again. To date, I have lost 6kgs... (BTW : I actually gained back the 3.5 I lost... *yes... hanging head in shame*, so I actually signed up cos I really needed to work out as well). I am quite proud of myself - simply because I hung in there. The exercise isnt your regular walk in the park... take a look . So I am really chuffed I am still doing it though ppl think I am insane! The support, motivation and encouragement is great!

Also recently, I am challenging myself to go to the gym as well - I really want to shake the rest of the weight by year end... That is my goal! So wish me luck! Anyway... when I went to the gym, I did something I never thought I would do - I jogged on the treadmill! I HATE jogging, but bootcamp has a lot of jogging involved... so i am trying to push my endurance. There is a jogging event coming up in October, there is a fun run of 5km... I am thinking if I can do this. I might be walking half way I think... hahaha...

Anyway, my food journal for the day :
Breakfast - Bun & Soya milk
Lunch - 2 Buns & coffee (was damn sleepy cos of bootcamp this morning)
snack - Peanuts
Dinner - (will be having) Tosai and tandoori chicken (not really healthy, but going for bible study and that is what the host is offering).

Good to be back, BUT there may be days I wont blog... as I also have a journal (the traditional kind where you write in.. hahaha) So I might just scan and upload the photos of my posting.

Later gators!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am hoping this will be true for me...

Hanging head in shame just reading my food journal

Food journal recap

I have missed so many days that I hope I can even remember what I ate... so bear with me.. If you are not keen on keeping track of my food journal, then can I please encourage you to skip this post... this is mainly for my own discipline...  ^__^

Sat, Jan 29, 2011
Brunch : homemade pumpkin & parsnip soup
Lunch : leftovers chicken
Snack : 2 weight watchers cookies
Dinner : Stir fried noodles with lots of vege (I didnt even finish the noodles)

Sun, Jan 30,2011 --> this was a TERRIBLE DAY!
Breakfast : Dim Sum
Lunch : Pork broth- a superb chinese noodles, BUT I opted no noodles
Snack : Coffee and a muffin
Dinner :  6 course chinese meal.. (yee sang, roast chicken, bbq pork, prawns, vege, taufu, fish)
* I was already stuffed with the coffee and muffin and the pork broth AND the dumplings... so I ate a bit of everything and that was it... I honestly think I am still stuffed since then!

Mon, Jan 31, 2011 
* I was feeling guilty about all that I ate during the weekend, so I decided to fruit for the day.
Breakfast : yogurt drink + papaya
Snack : Coffee
Lunch : Fruits
Dinner : pumpkin & parsnip soup + bread

Tues, Feb 1, 2011
Breakfast : Bun + milk + papaya
Lunch : Udon noodles + chocolate cake (shared with a friend) --> had lunch with an old friend
Dinner : Bun + yogurt drink
Snack : Chinese watercress soup

Wed, Feb 2, 2011
Breakfast : Yogurt drink + banana
Lunch : Chinese egg noodles
Snack : cookies :-(
Dinner : Yee sang, prawns, vegetables, mushroom stew with chicken
Snack : cookies

Thurs, Feb 3, 2011
Breakfast : Yogurt drink + banana
Lunch : Soupy wanton
Snack : 2 pineapple tart
Dinner : Pork ribs, stir-fried vege + steam chicken + stir-fried chinese radish
Snack : Honeycomb (it is a type of chinese cookies)

Whew... finally catching up! I know... there are so many cookies... and not enough fruits in there... Coming home is really terrible... and because we live in a single story house, I dont have stairs to walk up and down!
*sigh* another hall of shame post no doubt...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm just not hungry...

I am now back home for the Chinese New Year holidays... for those who dont know what Chinese New Year is, well, it is basically when the Chinese celebrate their new year.. with fire crackers, family, and TRUCK LOADS of food! So I was a bit concerned about coming home to be faced with a barrage of cookies and snacks. And the other worse thing is, my parents cant comprehend the thought of not being hungry during meals times. But for someone who has been careful with her food intake and also just finished a somewhat mild version of a detox, your gut shrinks and the amount of food you used to take in is severely cut down. So, I am not as hungry as I was before. Peckish yes. Tempted to taste some of the cookies yes. But hungry... no.

I have also been feeling bloated - like my digestive track is blocked... sorry for the grossness. hahaha... you can stop reading now if you want!

But as I was saying, with the amount of fibre I am taking in and vege, one would assume that I should be the first one on the throne! But I am not. Someone pointed out that exercising can improve gut movement... ANOTHER reason for me to be getting more physical - which I havent much this past one week...

Anyway... I know I have a lot to catch up on. I havent updated my food blog, and also I havent really exercised much this week. AND.. most importantly I want to share my next verse to memorise. The first was Matt 6:33 about always seeking God and His righteousness before all things. :-)

But right now, mom is hollering from the kitchen...

Will be back soon!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Putting God first

(Friday, Jan 28, 2011)

Firstly, I missed yesterday... was a bit tied down in the office for a presentation so didnt have time to write. My bad... my toe is getting better. I am starting to walk back up and down the steps. So that is good...

Anyway, as I have mentioned, I am doing the Divine Diet which requires me to memorize bible passages to. So the first one which I have done is Matt 6 : 33 --> Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added unto you.  It basically sums up the importance of always putting God first, which includes before our weight loss efforts. One of the readings also said that we shouldnt be a slave to the weighing scale which totally challenged my objective of having a weight loss tracker at the bottom of the page! I get the point in which the passage was trying to get at - we obsess with the amount of weight we are trying to get rid of and not the fact that we should be practicing positive and healthier habits which in turn will help to get rid of the weight. So, right now, I am still tossing if I should keep the tracker...

Anyway I need to catch up on my food journal:

Breakfast : cereal + milk + banana
Snack : watermelon juice
Lunch : Miso soup
Snack : Fruits + pineapple juice
Dinner : Miso soup + small bit of chicken
Snack : fruits

Breakfast : Coffee + banana
Snack : pineapple + orange juice
Lunch : Salad
Snack : Salad (didnt finish it earlier)
Dinner : Chicken + vege (think I ate too much..)

Thursday & Friday
Up-down the 5 flights  -twice.

Sore toe

(Wednesday, Jan 26, 2011)

My toe has been hurting for a bit, but I have high tolerance for pain (relatively speaking) so I have been ignoring it till i could no longer. Turns out I have a toe infection so I need to lay off covered shoes till it heals.. and to make it worse, a groups of friend just confirmed plans to go to the park on Sat to exercise! But even so, I can still move up and down the stairs... just have to try not to place too much pressure on the the toes.. so today I am taking a break from the stairs till the numbing pain subsides...

Today is day 3 and I am already getting used to it... but because I am on antibiotics, I was encouraged  instructed to eat something a bit more solid. So that totally mucked my detox and my exercise. So am not in a happy bunny mode, will keep this short.

Breakfast :  milk + banana
Lunch : veges & skinless chicken
Snack : pineapple juice & papaya
Dinner : baked potato
Snack : guava + watermelon