Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm just not hungry...

I am now back home for the Chinese New Year holidays... for those who dont know what Chinese New Year is, well, it is basically when the Chinese celebrate their new year.. with fire crackers, family, and TRUCK LOADS of food! So I was a bit concerned about coming home to be faced with a barrage of cookies and snacks. And the other worse thing is, my parents cant comprehend the thought of not being hungry during meals times. But for someone who has been careful with her food intake and also just finished a somewhat mild version of a detox, your gut shrinks and the amount of food you used to take in is severely cut down. So, I am not as hungry as I was before. Peckish yes. Tempted to taste some of the cookies yes. But hungry... no.

I have also been feeling bloated - like my digestive track is blocked... sorry for the grossness. hahaha... you can stop reading now if you want!

But as I was saying, with the amount of fibre I am taking in and vege, one would assume that I should be the first one on the throne! But I am not. Someone pointed out that exercising can improve gut movement... ANOTHER reason for me to be getting more physical - which I havent much this past one week...

Anyway... I know I have a lot to catch up on. I havent updated my food blog, and also I havent really exercised much this week. AND.. most importantly I want to share my next verse to memorise. The first was Matt 6:33 about always seeking God and His righteousness before all things. :-)

But right now, mom is hollering from the kitchen...

Will be back soon!

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