Thursday, February 3, 2011

Food journal recap

I have missed so many days that I hope I can even remember what I ate... so bear with me.. If you are not keen on keeping track of my food journal, then can I please encourage you to skip this post... this is mainly for my own discipline...  ^__^

Sat, Jan 29, 2011
Brunch : homemade pumpkin & parsnip soup
Lunch : leftovers chicken
Snack : 2 weight watchers cookies
Dinner : Stir fried noodles with lots of vege (I didnt even finish the noodles)

Sun, Jan 30,2011 --> this was a TERRIBLE DAY!
Breakfast : Dim Sum
Lunch : Pork broth- a superb chinese noodles, BUT I opted no noodles
Snack : Coffee and a muffin
Dinner :  6 course chinese meal.. (yee sang, roast chicken, bbq pork, prawns, vege, taufu, fish)
* I was already stuffed with the coffee and muffin and the pork broth AND the dumplings... so I ate a bit of everything and that was it... I honestly think I am still stuffed since then!

Mon, Jan 31, 2011 
* I was feeling guilty about all that I ate during the weekend, so I decided to fruit for the day.
Breakfast : yogurt drink + papaya
Snack : Coffee
Lunch : Fruits
Dinner : pumpkin & parsnip soup + bread

Tues, Feb 1, 2011
Breakfast : Bun + milk + papaya
Lunch : Udon noodles + chocolate cake (shared with a friend) --> had lunch with an old friend
Dinner : Bun + yogurt drink
Snack : Chinese watercress soup

Wed, Feb 2, 2011
Breakfast : Yogurt drink + banana
Lunch : Chinese egg noodles
Snack : cookies :-(
Dinner : Yee sang, prawns, vegetables, mushroom stew with chicken
Snack : cookies

Thurs, Feb 3, 2011
Breakfast : Yogurt drink + banana
Lunch : Soupy wanton
Snack : 2 pineapple tart
Dinner : Pork ribs, stir-fried vege + steam chicken + stir-fried chinese radish
Snack : Honeycomb (it is a type of chinese cookies)

Whew... finally catching up! I know... there are so many cookies... and not enough fruits in there... Coming home is really terrible... and because we live in a single story house, I dont have stairs to walk up and down!
*sigh* another hall of shame post no doubt...

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