Thursday, January 20, 2011

A gentle hard kick

"... everytime I get jut a little too far away from Him, my loving Father gently corrects, convicts and draws  me back to Himself"
Today is a public holiday and I woke up lazing around the house. It wasnt till mid-day I remembered my daily responsibility to update my food journal. And aptly the above was part of today's passage. So I suppose this is another "not to gentle reminder" that I am where I am suppose to be... working out this programme again.

Yesterday was a bad day... I was a bit cranky about something... so hence, I indulged in a bit of soul food to cheer myself... not that it totally worked, but it tickled the taste buds since it has been a while since I last had a cornetto. The issue hanging over my head bothered me so badly, I went out for drinks with the girls. I am wondering also if my sudden craving for ice cream due to my soon-to-arrive period... which may also lead me to wonder if the issue over my head due to my hormones.... seriously... women sometimes have it bad lah...

So... food journal:
Breakfast : cereal + milk + banana
Snack : Jambu
Lunch : Cold pasta salad
Snack : cornetto ice cream
Dinner : Buns + soup + watermelon
Snack : Fries + JD with green tea (interesting mix... you should try it!)

PS... I am working towards detoxing next week... Tummy has been feeling off-beat... :-(

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