Saturday, October 30, 2010

Food journal

Ok... so was home with the folks during the weekend. I have read that when trying to lose weight it is important not to deprive yourself cos that can cause violent withdrawal symptoms.

So, i usually indulge a little during weekends... so this weekend...

Breakfast -- had papaya with bliss (really works on the digestive system
Lunch -- mom made vege and chicken soup and had a bit of wan ton
Snack -- had grapes and a bit of durian ice cream (not together of course!)
Dinner -- had indian meal with dad and aunty (2 idaly, with vege curry)
Snack -- durian fruit.. :-P

Today... (this is going to be a nasty list :-P)
Breakfast -- chinese beef soup (without the noodles), with satay
Lunch -- Sambal fish with vege
Dinner.... er, later will update... not done with lunch yet! :-P

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