Saturday, October 30, 2010

Food journal

I havent updated my food for a while... but never the less, I NEED to do it, as mentioned for accountability sake to whoever may stumble upon this. Hope I can recall everything...


Breakfast -- Cereals with milk
Snack -- a box of carton ribena
Lunch -- savory oats and half a corn
Dinner -- (this might be gross) corn with baked beans... :-P (was just something I was dying to have!)
Snack -- 2 ginger cookies


Breakfast -- banana with a cup of coffee
Lunch -- (was so hungry) bought 2 vege with taufu
Snack -- grapes
Dinner -- (ok... had to go for a food tasting... so... dont cringe!)
1. Pasta aglio oglio
2. Roast chicken with rosemary
3. Lamb stew
4. Dory fish (with loads of chilly paste!)
5. Stir fried vege

But it was all sample portion lah!

Breakfast -- banana with a cup of coffee (had late breakfast)
Snack -- orange
Lunch -- homemade greek salad
Snack -- grapes
Dinner -- Decided to sin for a bit, so had some instant noodles with vege

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