Monday, September 27, 2010

The start of another hopefully not so gruesome journey...

So I was sitting on the "throne" excreting certain things and thought wouldnt it be great if whatever I excreted could weigh at least 3kgs? or maybe 5? Well, life isnt always so great. So there I was, thinking about Julie & Julia and thought, "how many people would want to read about the perils of losing weight!?"

Well, I dont know. But I do know many would like to read about tips on losing weight! I know I do. Sometimes I am inspired. Sometimes I laugh at the ridiculousness. Sometimes I actually stop and think! 

Well, to be honest, some times really work. Like they say drink a glass of water 30 minutes before you have a meal can cut down on the amount you eat. But then sometimes it fails to tell you that after about 2 hours later, when you have peed that glass of water out, you will get hungry. 

So what do you do? You go looking for food. Then this is where you refer to the other  tip about snacking on foods that require you to chew, takes a while to digest and has lots of fibre like apples with their skin. 

Well, to be fair (to me), I have always been big. And I have tried various times to lose weight. Once I actually lost about almost 10kgs. At that time, I had a pact with a few friends. When also lost a few, and others gradually fell of the wagon with a loud THUD. So, then I decided to take matters into my own hands and tried doing it myself. I found this Christian based weight loss book that basically says if my body is a temple, not only should I protect myself from sexual or other forms of impurities, this also includes food that can endanger my health! (i will go more into it at a later stage)

Now, THAT theory worked as well. But after a while, i fell off too. One key thing about the plan was to have partners to cheer you on and be your food conscious. And because I was doing it myself, it kinda got challenging to argue with myself about taking another piece of choc from the fridge. 

So, while I was sitting on the throne, I figured, maybe I should blog my struggles with losing weight (again). I may not have physical support, but at least perhaps, someone might chance on this and be encouraged. Or when I finally hit the goalpost, I can show my kids (which I hope to eventually have) how mummy overcame one of her biggest battles! 

So this marks the first step.. A public accountability to myself. 

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